Searching for Spring….

There comes a point when the winter blues finally wear me out. I feel them hit in January and I simply acknowledge them. “Hello, how are you? Been a while since I saw you. Making your yearly trip through my mind..” etc. etc. Ocassionally snow days will lift the blues because for a while there is a reason for the cold and wet… and the children are all very happy and excited as well. This year though, no snow.

But then, February hits, and I begin to grow impatient. I know Spring is still far away, but I am growing tired of feeling glum. After the post about January Funk, the cold weather returned and I have NOT gotten the peas in the ground, and only a portion of my flower beds have been raked.

At some point, I finally get fed up with myself. And that point occurred this weekend. So I dragged myself outside and began hunting for signs of spring. The pussy willow and forsythia are thick with buds finally!… so I snipped branches to bring in. Then I noticed there were still inches of leaves covering my front flower beds. We did a fine job of clearing the yard of the gallons of leaves our 3 ancient oaks drop, but the front beds were still matted. I did the side beds in January. So I began to rake.. huge piles of leaves removed, and there are crocus buds, and anemone buds and of course daffodil and narcissi coming up. Yippee..

There is hope for me yet!


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