March is here….

Whew… March has blown in like a lion in terms of things going on. We celebrated my husband’s 37th birthday… and I have attended my branch of the International Dyslexia Association Conference and Annual Meeting. I learned so much that I will use in my tutoring and with my oldest son. It was really lovely to get away and use my brain at a very high level for a change.. Let’s face it, laundry does not require higher order thinking skills, LOL. I also enjoyed a night out with the other tutors from the Augustine project I work with. And I shared a room with another tutor from our group, and we sat up until 2 am talking and catching up… I have not done that with another woman since graduate school!

So, now I am home, but behind in chores and laundry, and of course, spring has decided to show her head finally, so now my garden chores are behind! I need to get the peas in, among other spring veggies. So I started with my spring lettuces and mesclun today, and finally got my tomato seeds started in the green house. I sure hope this will be a good growing year, but I feel like I am perpetually behind!

So, welcome March. It is good to see February behind us. For such a short month, it really drags on and on with BLAH!



2 thoughts on “March is here….

  1. Hi, Willow!

    Isn’t so nice to get away for a little while? Good for you! :o) It’s worth having to do a little catch up on chores just to be able to have a little break from routine!

    Lucky you that Spring has arrived in your neck of the woods! I am green with envy! We just received another foot of snow here in Maine! We won’t see any grass until May with the way things are going… Ugh. Anyway, think of me buried under 3 feet of snow while you’re out working in your garden! ;o)


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