March 20, Palm Sunday…

This morning the boys I and I attended our annual Palm Weaving service at our church. Long strands of palm fronds are woven into doves, crosses, and other braided shapes by all members of the congregation during the Sunday School hour. What is interesting to me is that my children get to interact with other adults of all ages: other moms and dads, older adults, seniors… all sharing knowledge and expertise. The snack for the morning is the hot cross bun, much adored by all.

The worship service today is also a real eye opener. The Passion is read by members of the congregation, with the congregation itself as the “chorus” of bystanders. The events of Good Friday are relived by us all, and it is each of us saying “Crucify Him” during the reading. When you really allow yourself to be in the “moment” and hear what it is you are saying, you realize how each and every day of our lives we do those little things that “crucify” Him again and again. Whether we spread malicious gossip, yell at our spouse or child, act detructively toward ourselves…

In the bigger picture, even thought we were not there in history, we are the reason he was crucified… that event was for us today, and all the generations to come.

As I sat there through the service, I tried not to think about the shopping I needed to do, the lessons I needed to plan, the floors and bathroom that awaited me at home in need of some scrubbing bubbles… because this really is not a minor event. This entire week is a Holy Week, full of meaning and remembrances of something truly momentous. Trying to put myself there, in that place and time…

I will be attempting to go through this week in that way. My children and I have work/school through Thursday.. but services Thursday night, Friday hot cross bun baking, Saturday dressing the church with flowers from our yards, and Sunday, the glorious celebration of resurrection… that will be my focus this week. It is hard to keep sight of, when children get sick and chores need doing..but I will try. Because I know I need resurection too.. It is time to usher in new life and spring and a new attitude.. and to appreciate the lessons and sacrifice that sorrow and death and winter bring.

Spring is here…



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