Shawl Ministry….

I learned something new last week, again at my church. There is a website which explains it all much better, but I thought I would share this link with the other knitters out there, because regardless of your religious affiliation, this seems like a wonderful place to put some knitting time. Here is the link to the website: The idea is to intentionally knit a shawl for yourself or someone else, in a prayerful manner. Giving this shawl to another person for whom you have been praying, like a friend fighting cancer, means you give a gift beyond just the shawl itself. You literally wrap your friend in the thoughts and prayers you have offered up for her.

I have 2 people in my own life right now who could use one of these shawls, and I think I will try to make them. Time is short for me at this point, but the comfort this would bring those 2 women, would be worth finding the time. And I think anyone, even those who are not “religious” could find a way to use this idea to help focus their energies and good wishes for someone with a need in their lives. So check out the link and see what you think.. and let me know if you try something like this!

Get knitting…


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