Wet, wet, Wednesday….

Every year I look forward to spring weather… and when it comes, it is hard to tolerate the back and forth between warm and cold. Living in a house that is almost 100 years old means our closets are small.. so our off season clothes are stored in large plastic bins in the attic. The trick is to have enough slightly off season stuff in our closets so we do not have to go into the attic often….but the bigger trick is to know when it is time to switch. And every year, I hope to get it right.

That means that I wait later and later. So right now, many days have been “shorts” weather according to my kids, but they only have a couple of pairs of shorts in their closets. I could go ahead and switch over the shorts and short sleeve shirts….but I promise as soon as I do, the weather will flip.. like today. Cold and dreary and definitely coat weather.

Same for the down comforters and winter gear. When should I pack all of that up? Summer comforters are great once the nights real warm.. but I need my flannel sheets when the nights are cool. After a weekend of warm temps, I put regular sheets on the bed, only to have the week turn out to be drafty and cool.

Some day soon it really will be clear that all the days are shorts days, and we will be longing for colder days. But for now, I am just longing for consistancy… one or the other, not both. Although, packing away the mittens and coats and hats, and washing shorts instead of jeans really does sound nice. Too bad today was so wet and cold and a fire needs to be lit in the woodstove…

Rambling on,


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