Second guessing….

Today I went to the local school district’s job fair. I was a certified teacher in my state before my kids were born, but have been a SAHM for the past 10 years, returning to part time tutoring this past 2 years. But next year three children in Waldorf schools = mom goes back to work.

So, I dressed up in my most professional clothes, dusted off and updated the resume, and presented myself first thing as the fair opened. When I left, I felt my interview had gone well… I was first in line, they spent way too much time with me, and then someone had to come and say 10 more people were lined up waiting.. OOOPS! But good for me. Means I probably had more time with them. It was a nice, relaxed interview.

Of course, as the day has worn on, I have begun to have doubts and to second guess myself. I am not sure what is next in the process. I assume they will call and set up other interviews as they have positions open. But how many positions will there be? And when will I hear? And if there were 10 more people behind me….yikes!

So now I feel down about it all. I keep thinking.. should not have said that… should have emphasized that more… should have asked about that…. Time to turn off my mind!

I also have an application in at the Waldorf high school.. and have been asked in to teach a class in a couple of weeks. So, hopefully, between the two, I will find a home that fits me. I just hate the wait and wondering what will come of it all. All these years later, I still find it hard to trust that what is meant to be, will be. I can see myself teaching at either place.. I only hope they can also see me as a teacher there!



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