Rest in Peace Ollie girl….

My sweet, sweet, Ollie cat has been in kidney failure for a bit now. She was 15 years old, and the sweetest, best Calico cat in the world. We have been trying to keep her hydrated with subcutaneous IV fluids… but neither my dh nor I were adept at it. We could often get half her dose, but not the whole dose, and not everyday. She was feisty, and just wanted no part of it. So, we have had to let her go. She got totally dehydrated again, in spite of our attempts to keep her going.. it simply was not fair to keep stringing her on when we could not provide her a healthy life.

It was a hard decision to make. I was surprised at how my husband took it.. stoic and rock solid as he is, he was as teary eyed and crying as I was. He remembers vividly giving me the cat as a newlywed, and it was hard to let her go after all these happy years. She survived our moves from 3 other homes, and loved roaming the lands here. She was always queen around here, and could keep the 80lb weimereiner/lab mix and the new puppy under her control. Neither dared mess with her. And yet, my children have always been able to lay on her, hold her, cuddle her and kiss her without reproach.

A wonderful pet….she now has a special place among the dogwood trees we planted to remember my lost babies. The boys helped us dig the hole and bury her, and planted petunias on top… with a cross quickly crafted by my middle son for the occasion. They understood that we needed to free her spirit and let her go to where she could be peaceful again, and not in pain. I was amazed at how well they coped and understood and had faith that she has a reward well deserved now.

Huge tears,


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