My first lace work….

I have been so enamored of lacework. I am not sure where I first got the bug for it.. but now that I have discovered knit blogs and see what everyone else is doing, I can only say I feel feverish now. Socks, lace knitting, and felting have all been so much fun.. and to discover so many other people out there with the same enthusiasms… who knew!

Anyway, this is a free pattern posted at, called Lace Shawl by Woolgathering Designs. I am using a finer weight yarn than is called for I think.. I get so confused by the names for yarn.. what is fingering weight vs. sport weight, and why doesn’t a skein of yarn have that info on it?? I am using Arucania Nature Wool, in a wonderfully, but subtly subtley(you figure it out) colored purple. I just love when I get to a deep
purple section! I figured that on a shawl, I can just add length/repeats to get the right size. Anyway, here I am, in progress..and have been since February. It is slow going. But fun! The link to the pattern is:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by


One thought on “My first lace work….

  1. Hi, willow! WOW! I love that pattern! Great work!!! The color is fab too!

    It’s been awhile since I have visited, and I love your new template! I hope you and your family enjoy your holiday weekend!

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