The Two Socks and ME!

So here are the two socks again, side by side. Notice, there is not much of a size difference between mine and my sons. Hmmm, you say. Mum must have a very dainty foot. NOPE. As my greatgrandmother is fond of saying, the women in our family have a great “underSTANDING”. My very large women’s US size 9.5-10 feet fit into these socks. Therefore you might suspect that my novice knitting 11 year old son missed the class on sizing of socks. NOPE. My son has inherited his father’s long and skinny feet, and these socks will be worn one season, and one season only, before they are outgrown. He has basically the same size feet as me. And who is the shadowy mystery person…. well, that would be me! Please remember, the shadow adds 10 lbs. Anyway, that is today’s attempt at artsy photography and humor rolled into one.
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