Christmas Knitting…..

In light of my new job, which I have been trying to get since last April, I decided to start early on Christmas gifts. My boys love watching me make socks for myself, and Z has indeed made his own at school, but they always ask me to make some for them. So I have tried out some self-patterning sock yarn to make them each a pair. For my oldest, I simply knitted the plain sock on the right…I figured the stripes would look best without anything else fancy. He has big feet! For my middle son I knitted a waffle weave pattern along the foot. His socks were a bit more challenging because I was a) putting together different patterns into one sock and b) the repeat of the yarn was less obvious.
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I of course knit one of each….now I have completed both of my middle sons, since I did not want to forget what I altered of which pattern. I am turning the heel of my oldest son’s second sock.
Image hosted by
Notice how the socks match! this took careful planning. I had never thought about that aspect of self-patterning yarn… but you certainly have to match repeats like you do when wall papering or sewing.. otherwise they would have looked very different.
This has been a lot of fun….and I know they will like them. And I will feel good giving them something that took my time and love, even though I know at holiday time this year, I will be beyond crazy busy!


One thought on “Christmas Knitting…..

  1. I love both of these socks. The colours on the non-fairisle ones are super. What size did you make them for and did you manage to make them matching using 1 or 2 balls of yarn?

    I very nearly ran out of yarn using 1 ball and would had needed more yarn if I made them for a bigger foot, so I’m curious to her what you did with yours.

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