12 years ago today….

I became a mom for the first time… My oldest son Z is now a 12 year old, preteen type with a need for deodorant. YIKES! He is the child that gave me a glimpse back into childhood, defined my purpose, and showed me the path to joy. Happiest of days sweetie!

So today it is all about him. We will go bowling with friends shortly, and we made a lovely peppermint cake…from an old Betty Crocker cookbook. Complete with Pink Mountain Frosting! He wanted to go bowling and food shopping rather than have gifts (!)…he took a cooking class this summer, and last night we planned a 5 course meal, including a baked brie appetizer and a shrimp curry, and we will visit our local gourmet/whole foods shops on the way home to purchase needed supplies. Then the cooking begins!

We just returned from a week of camping that included a trip to Niagra Falls (and some uncertainty as to whether the man about the place would get to return to the US… he afterall forgot his passport at the campsite, while I remembered mine and all three kids…)We also enjoyed a few days in Vermont at the Shelburne museum…and brought home the requisite gallon of Vermont Maple Syrup and Bennington Pottery.

Knitting was done on the trip… several things to felt.. I will have pictures soon. The man about the place bought me a new computer, and so the last few days I have been sorting through old emails, old bookmarks, and deciding what to tranfer over. So my knitting time has been comprised of moving my knitting bookmarks, and catching up on my blog reading as I transferred my long list of favorites.

The next week brings me back to work…will update on how that goes. Keep me in your prayers as I try to mold young minds and teach them some Algebra!

More soon!


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