September is whizzing by….

Well, the job is going ok. I enjoy teaching, and everything is exactly the way it was when I left teaching… too much work, too little time, too many kids with attitudes messing it up for the rest of the students…sigh.

But, I am making the best of it, like teachers all across the country. I have three classes that do well, and 2 I struggle with. I spent all day Labor Day planning last weeks lessons, so I could spend planning periods copying class materials (no textbooks) and sending material down for students in ISS and OSS (which I will never see again, and begs the question… how come these students could not hold it together for more than the first few days?).

The most astonishing thing to happen? Student shows up at football game with a gun under his shirt… he is seen with it, sheriff is alerted, approaches and asks student to see gun under shirt, student denies it.. sheriff insists he raise shirt… kid goes for gun, sheriff goes for gun…sheriff wins without harm to student or any gun going off… gun turns out to be a semi BB gun. This kid risked his life over a BB GUN! And of course, he was one of mine…10 days suspension, and could be coming back to my class soon.

So, hug a teacher this week, and realize that on this beautiful Saturday, I have spent 4 hours grading quizzes for over 150 students….and tomorrow, I will spend my afternoon planning lessons. Oh yeah.. we only work from 8-3 and have all summer off….

My spare time has been doing housework, and trying to absorb the tragedy of Katrina. We have several sets of friends in the area.. including friends on Lake Ponchetrain. We have heard from them all that everyone is fine.. our LakeP friends are safe in Houston with their animals. We will be contributing to all the organizations helping the evacuees that have moved into our area.. we have shelters here, and hospital evacuees as well. Keeping our local food bank stocked will also help.

The weather here is beginning to feel autumnal… and we have been praying for rain. Ophelia sits charging in the water, and may well come our way. We may get what we have prayed for…just more than we needed.

The kids are happy in school. I have been taking pictures but have yet to figure out how to deal with them on this new computer…again, spare time issues. Have been knitting a little bit, late at night, but it makes me appreciate the joy of it more!

That is all for now. In spite of my whining I do appreciate how lucky I am to have my family all here, my roof over my head, my job and my friends…my comfortable bed to collapse in.. and my porch swing to finish grading papers on…it calls me now.


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