It was an up and down week at school…

I knew it would take time to get on my feet. And last week, all of my “prep” time was taken up with training meetings and faculty meetings and school physical (why they don’t do this in the summer when they hire you I will never figure out…). PLus I had lots of IEP meetings. So I felt I was treading water all week.

But today I am cleaning and laundering, reconnecting with the boys. Last night I worked on my grandmothers Christmas gift.. I am almost done knitting her leaf lace shawl. (Fiber trends pattern..I am soooo enjoying knitting this!) I bought some Jaeger extra fine merino DK from the sale bin at my LYS this summer.. three balls of a lavendar/purple and three balls of a sagey green. It was not quite enough for the leaf lace shawl, so I am going to try the edging in another color… a deeper purple. We’ll see if it looks okay. If not, Iwill just have to think of something else. The price on the yarn was cut 40% so it was hard to resist when I had no project in mind..If it works,I will do the same with the green, only that will be for me. I found a silly Red Hat Club pin for my grandmother as well (the pin is silly, not the club)…she belongs to the Red Hat Club at her retirement complex.. and the colors are red and purple… so she can use the pin on the shawl. The pin has a red hat with three purple flowers on it. Think she will get a kick out of it.

Okay, that was it for break time for me. Off to hang somemore laundry, start some homemade pizza dough for Margaretta (SP?) pizzas (the kind with tomatos/basil and mozarella) for dinner, using the last of our summer crop, and then grade some of the 150 tests I gave this week.

Have a great weekend.. and send us back our fall weather!


One thought on “It was an up and down week at school…

  1. My goodness, life is a whirlwind for you. I hope things reach some sort of routine soon. I’m glad you still have a bit of time to do your knitting, oh, and laundrey…smile! Hang in there!

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