Full Moon and Midterms….

We have come to a rather sad time of year. Midterms are just over a week and a half away. And students are starting the annual sabotage themselves campaign. Instead of buckling down to work to make sure they do well, they are buckling under. We have had more fights, suspensions, sentances to alternative schools in the past few weeks. And it happens every year. If they could just hang on another week, and see the semester through.

Yesterday, a fight broke out outside my classroom door… 2 girls, neither of them my students, started yelling at each other. It took four teachers to keep the factions apart, one more to call in reinforcements, and 2 administrators and the SRO officer to come calm the sitution. And who got the most time out of school? A boy who stood there egging them on, encouraging, just practically begging them to go at it. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Some of it must be the full moon. I currently have 2 students on longterm suspension (skipping class for the umpteenth time and gambling) and 2 at the alternative school for setting fire to trashcans and carrying knives. Oi…

And all I want them to do is understand what a function is, and how to graph it. Well, okay, I can see how that might send someone over the edge.

If we can all just make it to the end of the semester.( Of course, then we start a new one three days later. But I digress….)


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