Update on the man about the place…

Well, the dreadful surgery is over, and all went well. The day before surgery was one of those days where everything awful that could happen, did, including the biggest fight in school… in my classroom…what a mess… I was glad to leave school. And then even worse, and infinitely sad, my great grandmother died at age 108. Yes, 108. It was time, although she had been in good health and of sound mind right up until this past month. Every winter she seems to have a bout with fluid retention and lung issues..but always recovers. I was not really aware she was having so much trouble this winter, being thousands of miles away. And even those close by had seen her the weekend before perked up and playing pat-a-cake with the newest great grandchild. Yes, there is a 39 year difference in her great grandchildren.. and my three boys are her great grandchildren. It was the end of an era when she passed on March 22…peacefully in her sleep. I feel the tears below the surface, but have been focusing on the surgery and getting through this week. I will need to spill them all soon.

As for the darling spouse.. the surgeons were well pleased with how things went… they feel they got all the damaged area and there was no more damage further down the line. He had an ileocecumcectomy..not sure how it is spelled, but it went well. Yesterday, the first day post-op also went well. He has tons of itching from the morphine, but is in good spirits and getting liquid diet and trying to walk. He is determined to be home.

Me, I am okay. Emotionally drained still, as the surgery took longer than expected…a three hour surgery and 5.5 hours before I knew anything. That last hour was excruciating. Coping with the boys and trying to keep their life normal, and helping dh recover, and wanting to cry over great grandma.

Today I need to get one son to ball practice, and a birthday party. We have school friends assisting with that. The other boys will be with grandpa while I visit with dh and help him. Then back home to a meal cooked by friends, so very thoughtful and lovely! It is so wonderful not to have to think of something nutritious to fix after being out of the house all day. So, a busy day, but a nice one, in that life is going on, and the man about the place will soon be back, holding down the fort.


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