Happy Summer Solstice…the wonderful longest day!!

All the ooomph is out of me. Today will be very hot… and you can tell it in the breeze. We have managed to go without daytime air conditioning so far this year, but we had a cool breeze coming in the windows. Today, the wind is warm…like a hair dryer blowing into the room.

I did make some fabulous pancakes for breakfast… Cheesecake pancakes from Cuisine At Home. I like this magazine, or at least the few issues I have seen. The pancakes had cottage cheese in them, strawberry sauce on top, along with sweetened sour cream and some toasted graham crackers…very yummy. ANd filling.. the cottage cheese added a nice amount of protein to an normally very carbo filled meal. I need something that sticks to the ribs for these boys. The usual porridge does not quite seem right in summer.

Then I got the eldest to chess camp, then the younger 2 to the library for the summer read a long program.. and then home to sit at the computer and get very little done. I am moving things around in my office/sewing room… and I am trying to go through the end of year flotsam and jetsam of teaching, storing away things for the autumn.

The kids have lunched, the eldest will go out again later this afternoon to the library for a juggling program.. and I will make some wonderful Italian steak sandwiches.

I LOVE SUMMER.. I love being able to slow down and find myself again. And much like when I finally had a baby after a couple of miscarriages (intense joy sharpened by the intense sadness that came before), I appreciate the sharp contrast between my WOHM life, and my SAHM life.

Oh bliss, oh joy,
To have a boy –
or 2 or 3,
To play with me!
To while away the summer days,
And take me back where time is free!

So very, very content today..but needing to get back to the cleaning. Grins!


One thought on “Happy Summer Solstice…the wonderful longest day!!

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog . I went back through some of your archives and noticed you had made a Prayer Shawl. Isn’t the trinity stitch pattern beautiful, so simple but just lovely. I look forward to hearing from you again

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