Hot, hot, hot….

Oy, was it hot today. The middle boy was curled up with a book all day. The oldest was at chess camp and then enjoyed fiddling with the radio all afternoon. The little one ran up and down the hall jumping. They have been jumping rope at school, and his little OCD ways has him constantly practicing jumping..I think he has it down, but apparently he thinks it still needs polishing.

I spent the day alternating between various house cleaning chores. Several loads of wash were done and hung to dry in the heat. Sheets stripped, chicken stewed for a pot pie dinner. Also made a pound cake for taking with a lasagna (still to make) to aunt’s home tomorrow.

And ironing. I have huge stack of work clothes needing ironing and overflowing in my sewing/office space… so it needed doing. But of course, the incentive is gone, since I don’t plan to wear these clothes much until August. But I am trying to be all smug.. look at how ahead of the game I am by having the ironing done for the first couple weeks of school.

So I worked away on the ironing, listening to my favorite shows on BBC radio, and reading blogs everytime I started feeling faint from the heat..even with the air on, this house is warm, especially when ironing.

Tonight at dinner the man about the place decided to share with me that I need to also bring food for the weekend. Tomorrow we go to Aunt’s house to help her unpack.. she just moved back to the area. I told her I would bring dinner..hence the lasagna and pound cake. We will spend the night there, and attend a family reunion the next day where I apparently need to contribute meal items. The reunion starts at one home ( just one branch of the family)… and they expect 50ish, so bring plenty.. and then it moves to another house where we need to add to the dessert section. So, I will be baking cookies all evening and morning, as they travel well, and will fulfill both requests. But I wish I had known that earlier today.. would have given me an excuse not to iron!


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