MILESTONE #2 for August…

Yesterday, the 19th, was our middle sons 10th birthday! How he has longed for double digits…..he is so proud to be 10. The digi camera died during our oldest’s birthday, so we have few pictures from this week, which bums me out terribly.. but I know he will remember this day for a long time.

Midweek we had 2 of his best friends over.. they camped out in a tent in our front garden. We did the hotdog dinner and pancake breakfast and they swam in the pond, played in the creek, fished and had water balloon fights and ate ice cream sundaes.

Yesterday was just family. He asked for a chicken pot pie for dinner, and frozen lemon cheesecake, courtesy of the Domestic Goddess food blog. Dad canoed with him, and we set up a slip and slide and played with his new super soakers…

As I wrote to friends yesterday:
Happy birthday to my middle son, my strong/silent boy. Teachers describe him as a rock…solid common sense, hard working, very earnest. He has a deep voice, the deepest voice the choir director has ever heard in a small child, and deep at birth.. his first cry elicited comments about his deep voice from the nurses.

If he decides he wants to do something, he just does it. He is strong in sports and strong in school. He has a sense of style, and swarthy, dark good looks… part of our cherokee heritage on my husband’s side. He loves small babies, and can be very sweet and gentle with his brother. He can knit and crochet very well. He loves birdwatching and can identify lots of birds by their call alone. But he is all boy in terms of loving to fish and play sports and bow and arrow shooting and climbing trees.

Such an interesting combination in a kid. He is very silent and reserved around others… but has a wicked sense of humor underneath. We worry about him because he hides illnesses until he is VERY ill, and even then wants to keep working through them. He also worries more about his dad or any other family member in crisis.

He was born three weeks before Hurricane Fran devastated our totally sleep deprived as I was that night, I could not sleep for the roaring winds and falling trees…

And now he is 10. He is thrilled to have 2 digits to his age. He is down at the pond fishing, waiting for his chicken pot pie dinner with Frozen lemon cheesecake to follow. Presents still to open later today. He enjoyed a sleepover party midweek.. they camped out in the yard and stayed up til 1:30 telling jokes and trying to call Owls down at the pond.

He has my curly hair, my reserve in public, my dad’s nose and his sense of humor, my husbands coloring and love of baseball.

I am looking forward to celebrating my middle son happy, nut brown boy, beginning that tween journey…

And celebrate we did!

So the birthday marathon is over for the year…the little one has a birthday in Nov.. but we have 3 months to recuperate from this birthday week.

One more milestone this month is our 16th wedding anniversary.. but as it is on the first day of school, and we have school meetings for the kids school that night, I suspect it will be a quiet day.. but a happy one..16 very happy years…

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