Good grief – a gale….

Or actually a Nor’easter…..hitting our coast and wandering all this way inland making for a chillly start to a holiday week.

Yes, today was the last day for work this week. Yippee….and the last day of school for the boys. So we raced home to our nest, amidst huge winds and large cold drops of rain. It is 36 degrees here now, and pouring.. and the wind is high. Truly, a blustery November…dark and dreary.

But oh so cozy by the fire. And I need cozy. The youngest has been ill since last Thursday, which led to an unprecedented need for a sub for me Friday (I never miss school, knock on wood, because the kids are never ill, or the man about the place holds down the fort til I get home) and an almost 12 hour round of doctors and ER tests on Sat. Pneumonia…and one that has been hard to kick.

But I think we are on the mend. I am cautiously optimistic for the rest of the week – tons to do: A lisence to renew, hair cuts to get, Thanksgiving to cook for and celebrate, some prep for the December holidays to begin…and maybe , just maybe, some gardening or knitting or cocoa making….lots and lots of lovely dreams to fill the days ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving…


3 thoughts on “Good grief – a gale….

  1. Wow that sounds a bit frightening and obviously tiring.

    I am glad that mending is on the roster of being finished lots of good things to do.

  2. Blessings to you and wee sick one.

    And as you head towards the longest night, we are turning to the longest day.

    Happy thanksgiving across the seas!

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