Lordy, lordy… could I be 40?

Yes, I could be. The blackberry pancakes for breakfast, the roses on the table, the pile of lovely cards say so. The yarn certificate and the most lovely old yellow metal glider for the porch say so. The calls from moms and friends say so.

And I feel a bit 40ish.. a bit sad about 40 years gone.. a mix of pleased and let down with what I have accomplished.. and a yearning for another healthy 40 years to strive and do better with my earthly time.

The lovely chocolate raspberry mousse cake definitely says it is birthday.

It is also the first day of Advent.. so today was spent sorting out the living room.. the old toys being collected and sorted for passing on, throwing out, or putting away. The room vacuumed, furniture rearranged to make room for the tree. The Advent Star, part of our Moravian heritage brought out to shine on the porch til Epiphany.The natuer table set up for the weeks of Advent as seen through Waldorf eyes. The Advent wreath we made at church last week as part of our Episcopalian tradition. All set up, with some lovely pointettias (again, birthday shining through) and the house is beginning to look festive. Much more to be done, but laundry and school work also must be done.

So now I am 40. I have lots I need to do… a check-up is in order, with mammogram and all.. need to do that soon. Must look after myself better, and I plan to begin now.

Hippo birdies two me and all that.

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