Ho Ho Home for the Holidays……

At 6 this am when the alarm went off I was able to smile sleepily and roll over and go back to sleep. Yesterday was the last day of classes for the year, and today I am basking in being home.

This morning, the much promised snuggle with the small person of the house… he has been waiting patiently for this as most mornings I must jump and run, being out of the house by 7:15.

Followed by breakfast in pjs..also much enjoyed as it is usually an ocasional weekend thing.

Then we headed out to run some errands after a few household chores… we obtained DH’s Christmas gift, took the youngest to do his “shopping”, picked up the middle son from a sleepover, and hit a grocery store I normally do not have time to travel to. We live in a rural area, and we have a grocery store and a super Walmart…most of the time these have to do for our shopping, and I am so greatful our Walmart has so many organic things..produce, dairy, baking supplies, cereals, etc. But today we were out near a favorite grocery store where they have so many varieties of produce, and lovely meat. So we stopped there on our way home. Red currents to add to salads, lovely shrimp for cocktail tomorrow, fresh tiny asparagus for dinner tonight, lovely bibb lettuces and lots of loverly dill for potatos for tomorrow.

Cooking used to be my “main” daily duty. I would light a candle and say a prayer over the meal I was about to prepare. I gardened, so much of the food was our own in late spring and summer.. and I could lovingly enjoy nurturing my family with healthy fare. But the last couple of years have been much harder.. working full time out of the home means I am the stereotypical working mom…some days I get home to an empty fridge, and 5 to feed. Somedays the man about the place has to cook his famous “round dish” which means he orders in pizza. Then there are the boxed/prepared foods I have begun to lean on. EWWW.. the salt and preservatives. I cannot beleive so much of America eats this and thinks it is good.

I do try to shop well on the weekend, and make a really fab Sunday dinner, which means we can have leftovers. But with a teenager in the house, meals no longer go very far. Even a 13X9 lasagna means a meal and a snack. So it has been a challenge, and I plan to thouroughly enjoy cooking this holiday.

We got home and it was just lunchtime. SO the boys helped unload and unpack, we had lunch, then prepared a double batch of Lydia Benton’s white fruitcake.. a family recipe from the man about the place’s family. I do not like fruitcake in general.. in America it is the proverbial gag gift. But this is different. Full of fruit and nuts, but with a poundcake like quality. I really like it, the kids love it, and it is a staple at all the family gatherings. It is currently baking in the oven…3 hours at 225, with a pan of water in the oven, then another 40 min without the water pan. And a lovely lemon scent filling the house.

The diggie cam is still in hospital, but we did recieve a letter saying it would be returned about now. I am just hoping to have it for the holidays. Once it arrives, pictures will come back to the blog!

Tomorrow is our yearly caroling bonfire. We invite all the kids classes, workmates and neighbors…we serve hot cider and everyone brings cookies. We sit by the pond with a bonfire and sing Christmas carols and songs til we are hoarse. Some people will bring instruments.. others just their voices. A wonderful way to celebrate the season!!

I am HOME! It is the best Christmas gift.


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