Well, the weather outside is frightful….

Well, only frightful because Denver stole all of the winter there was to be had apparently. After the rain and drizzle of yesterday, we are now in a balmy 60 degree, humid soup. Ugg… not wintry at all. But, to count the blessings, it means no woodstove mess to clean today, and no need for precious oil to heat the home with… we have had Christmases where we lost power due to ice storms, and that always happened when the food was in the oven. So there is much to be greatful for, although seeing the boys fly around in their shortsleeves is very odd.

Otherwise, we have a nice day in front of us. I will be making kolache’s for Christmas breakfast. I grew up in Texas, and my family is from the Hill Country. German and Czech immigrants settled much of that area (with my family coming from Germany in the early 1900s) and there is a rich tradition of wonderful pastries… my mom and grandmom used to make kolache’s – which are Czech.. and I am going to take time to make them for us this year. I will do a cheese filling, an apple filling and an apricot poppyseed filling I think.

The man about the place is smoking a brisket as we speak. We live in NC, where barbeque is pork, but I am from Texas where barbeque is beef. And neither are really traditional holiday foods, LOL! But we always make a big meal Christmas Eve to eat before church, and then we can have wonderful leftovers on Christmas.. no slaving in the kitched for kids too overexcited to eat! But this year, we will be in another town most of Christmas Eve for a family gathering. That means we have to either cook on Christmas, or eat PB and J’s… neither appealed to us. So the man about the place offered to smoke something, and we will have that for Christmas dinner, with side dishes that don’t take long to make – green salad, mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, and a wonderful cheesecake for dessert. Not the usual.. but fun and memorable all the same.

So off to my kitchen and the 24 hour Christmas music station. I have been knitting here in my office and enjoying my BBC radio – Listening to Ladies of Letters Make Mincemeat and other fun offerings. The internet is really wonderful!

Happy Day before the Day before!


One thought on “Well, the weather outside is frightful….

  1. So lovely to read all your news. Sounds like your Christmas weather may be similar to ours. Our slightly strange Advent is continuing, it just doesn’t feel right this year. I’ll have to make a big effort for Christmas Eve to make sure we are really in the spirit.
    Enjoy your time off work, your morning snuggle brought back lovely memories, at 9 my daughter is getting long and boney not quite as delicious to cuddle as a little one. Merry Christmas, Jenny

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