The Saddest day of Christmas….

This is what my 10 year old calls New Year’s Eve at our home. It has long been a family tradition for generations that New Year’s Eve is the day to sweep out the old… finish up projects left undone…clear up the cobwebs and right any wrongs… The idea is to finish the year, tidy it up, and prepare for a new, clean, bright future ahead.

So, the Christmas trimmings come down. The furniture gets rearranged. The tree stands empty in the yard to be turned into a temporary bird sanctuary and then end up on the bonfire on 12th night. The stockings are packed away, presents put up, old toys thrown out or given away… everything gets dusted and cleaned and tidied. I made a list of small household fixes for the man about the place to tackle.. and while there are many, many to do, it is nice to settle in at the end of the day feeling like the home has been rejuvenated and readied for what is ahead.

And what will 2007 bring? 2006 was relatively good… kids were good, jobs are good, health is good…I am praying it will be the same in 2007. But one never knows what might lie ahead.

So as I wrap up the year, and reflect on next, and make my resolutions with my family (a task for tomorrow) I know I will also be praying for strength to get through whatever is ahead. I will be praying for peace for all the world. I will be praying for people to reach out to each other to help end poverty and hunger and violence. I wish we could all clean our hearts as well as our homes, and sweep out angers and prejudices and right wrongs and make the world ready to be new again. Since I cannot dictate to the world what to do, I can make sure I continue to try my best at home. To watch over fellow community members and neighbors… to tread softly on the earth.. to teach my children to be respectful and honest and good citizens…

It may be a sad day in some ways… a return to work and eating healthy and going to bed on time.. but it is also a shiny new beginning with a world of possibility ahead. And that is a marvelous, wonderful thing… at least when you are 40. Were I still 10, I think I would agree with my son.


By the way.. hard to beleive this blog is 2 years old now!


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