A close-up

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So this is Fetching, from Knitty. I had a small ball of yarn in my stash..lovely and soft, but not sure what it was. I am sure it is 8 years old, leftover from some other small project. It was not quite the right size yarn for the project, so mine are a bit smaller than they should be, although they fit me fine. In our old house, my computer room gets cold and the wood stove heat does not reach back here well. It shows in fingers and toes first… which I can take care of with wool socks and fingerless gloves!

These were quite easy to knit, and fast too.. I think I will do a few more pair, of thicker/fatter wool. I have several odd balls that need a purpose!

And this is where my ignorance of technical things show.. I would love to have the link to Knitty in this post… never learned how to do it. And I am not sure why the pics are so huge. In my absence from photo posting, photobucket has had an upgrade. In the past, it always resized my photo for me.. but not this time.. hmmm.


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