Some Christmas knitting was accomplished.

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Happy New year one and all… The New Year is already fast flying. It was back to work this week, and so the days all tumble one into another. The boys are back to school, and we are both happy and sad to be back to routine.

We still have not received our digi cam back from the repair… they assure us they just are waiting for a part, and since the company is doing this for free well after warranty days are gone ( knock on wood this continues to be the case) then we should not complain.

But a blog is no fun without photos. So, I resurrected the old digi cam from way back.. it needs some help. The photos sometimes come out crisp and sometimes blurred. And then the photo image is not always what was framed in the view finder. It cuts off heads and so forth. And no, this is not user error, I promise!

My middle son also got a digi cam for Christmas…but prizing a new Christmas camera from an avid bird enthusiast is really difficult.. ask me how I know!

So here are some photos, of recent events, taking under less than optimal conditions. But hey… better this than nothing I think!


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