February is off to a better start…..

Well, the good news is that I am finally over the flu. I am still feeling sluggish, but I am back to work and homemaking. Yeah!

The GREAT news is that my son does not have any type of cancer. He is merely a twisted dude, and has some strange heart vessels… but nothing that should cause him any issues. We are very relieved and ready to be back to our normally scheduled lives.

And to celebrate the news that all was well, the snow and ice came and shut down the town on Thursday, giving everyone a well-needed day off.


2 thoughts on “February is off to a better start…..

  1. Hello, Thanks for visitng Willow House, glad that you have recovered from the flu that can be nasty. Wonderful news about your son, you must have been so worried.
    Yes, I have heard of the Hamish MacBeth series, haven’t actually read any but it was serialised for the BBC a few years ago. It made a thoroughly enjoyable TV series!
    Willow House

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