Grrr….New blogger….

I am not a person that likes change, and I have grumbles about the blogger changes before this. Yes, there are new features, but I cannot use them and keep this blog template. I would have to switch to one of the regular blogger templates, none of which I really like. I wish they would spend their time updating their blog skin thingys.

And now commenting on other people’s blogs has become a pain. I have to log in to my blogger account, which I never am unless I am posting. And then once I log in, it is hard to get back to the post I have already written. So must remember to log in first. And I think I must be confused about my username and password because the old ones no longer work, so I have to exit the blog and log into mine a different way, etc…Very annoying, especially when I tend to post on the fly – you know, in those 2 minutes I have between brushing my teeth and hitting the hay, or while I wait five more minutes for dinner to cook.

And the worst thing, is I cannot seem to manage the word identification thing. I am very greatful it is there, to reduce spam. But I often have to try twice to get it right. I KNOW I am not that dumb – I am a detail oriented person. I would swear I have typed it correctly and immediately hit enter – but I know I must run close to 50% inaccurate. I am not a great typist – but I always check and never catch the error.

Anywho, just a grumble while I wait for the kids to get home from a playdate.


2 thoughts on “Grrr….New blogger….

  1. I have exactly the same problem with the word identification thingy so i think it must be THEM and not us.You can just leave a comment as other and include your name, that way you don’t have to remember to log in. The word verification for today is oJERKsbp.

  2. Well it is good to have a grumble now and again. By the way did you know that your blog seems to be on a setting that only allows comments from those with blogger or google accounts? We typepadders can’t comment! I’m commenting using an old blogger account but I’m not really there, I’m at

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