The weekly whinge…..

Warning..much whinging ahead.

(Not sure why the photo slide show does not show properly below.  Not sure I am clever enough to figure it out.)

There are weeks and there are weeks. We have one week left of school before spring break. And I have the nerve to think I am going to teach my student how to find the area of polygons, using special right triangles. What am I thinking? I could already tell today, that the minds are going blank. Theirs and mine!

And the man about the place has chosen to be out of town next week. Which means I am carpooler, baseball practice mom, boyscout mom, overseeer of three boys mom, homework mom, all week long.

And of course, it would be the last week of the nine weeks, and I would have assigned a project which is due on Wednesday, which I will have to grade so grades can get in by spring break – 75 projects to read, between Wed and Friday while I am holding down all the above mentioned jobs.

AND – we leave for a road trip to the coast a week from tomorrow, to meet with friends from Sweden, and I need to be packed and ready – which includes an Easter egg hunt, American style, for my three and their three….

And the house needs to be clean and fresh for when we all (10 of us) return here, for Easter service and a nice meal, after our trip to the coast.

You just know someone is going to get sick, or a car will die, or a mouse will get into the kitchen…


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