Catching up

Well, it is back to the grind.

  • Spring break was lovely. We had a great time with Swedish friends at a large beach house on Emerald Isle. Lots of long beach walks with my boys before they arrived. Shelling and fishing and braving the somewhat tooo cool water. Lots of laughing and playing, not enough sleep….
  • Easter eve we arrived back at the homefront. The middle son sang in the choir Easter morning, and the children (6 in all) enjoyed an early dawn egg hunt in our copse, as well as the traditional egg hunt in the church cemetary. A traditional ham dinner was served up for our Swedish friends, and we celebrated new life, rebirth, and rejuvenation.
  • Monday was a shock though – returning to work and my students. None of us was ready to be back. We all wanted more break! But now we are in the final countdown mode. 9 weeks left of school. Once we hit May, time will start to fly.
  • Our Swedish friends left Tuesday, so the house is still a wreck – not even all unpacked yet. So this weekend will be catch-up, while this week I have been busy getting grades in for the last marking period, working on a faculty presentation, and of course, teaching. But laundry and groceries and a grungy floor are all calling my name.
  • Opening Day is this weekend too – all three boys are playing baseball this spring, but only the 2 younger start their season this weekend. The 6 year old is about to explode with happiness – almost better than Christmas I think. He asks everyone we meet if they are coming to his opening game. There is bad weather in the forecast – it must stay nice until late Sat afternoon.
  • And we lost a second tooth today. The 6 year old is on cloud nine – all in his life is going well.

I have photos and would like to add them, but have yet to figure out how to do that on this blog. But maybe that too will be this weekend. We shall see.

Until then, a very Happy Spring to everyone – it is nice to finally be seeing the warmth and the sun.


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