May is here….

The countdown starts to summer – I have only about 25 instructional days to finish teaching all there is to know about geometry and make sure my students can pass their state End of Course exam. YIKES!

And of course, besides being a busy work time of year, the boys have tons of stuff going on. This weekend alone the middle son had his batathon – where he doubled his points from last year, and managed to earn a ton of money for his team. He is very psyched!

Oldest son is on a BS campout. The man about the place just left to join him on the campout, after attending the batathon, because he knows this will be a special campout. Oldest will be tapped out for the Order of the Arrow during this trip, and we are all excited for him, although he has no idea this is coming. It is good for our oldest to be given these chances of showing how responsible and reliable he is – he struggles so much in the academic department with his dyslexia, that he needs other places to shine.

And the youngest son has been to his school’s May festival – with his grandmother. Mother was too busy at home grading papers and doing laundry and trying to keep warm – yes, another cool front came through. Last week, we hit record high temps, and now we are in the cool/drizzly days of November it would seem. But spring is here, and here is some evidence of springy goodness.

Spring produce from our garden

Knitting accomplished…


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