I am the proud owner of this now….


We spent yesterday afternoon shopping around and trying different bikes and styles. I have been looking for a bike for 10 years, but decided finally that it was time – I earned some extra money for after school work at my school, and this is what I planned to spend it on. My 40 year old body needs some exercise, and if I get my act together, I hope to commute on it to work next fall – I am only 2.5 – 3 miles from the school I teach at, and this would help reduce my carbon footprint. Because I am so close to the school, my car really does not warm up before I get there- meaning that I am using the worst kind of gas to get there and back, even if it isn’t very much.

I rode about 30 minutes yesterday evening. A front was moving through, bringing a cool breeze to our 90 degree week – but there was noone out and about except me and the birds. I enjoyed the breeze in my face and the scenery. This bike is not supposed to be the best for hills, but it worked fine for the hills near my house, so I think with strengthening, I should be able to manage fine.

Today it is raining, which is very good for the earth, if not for bike riding. I need to do housework anyway. We are already in a drought, 3 inches behind on rain. So this is very good!


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