No more classes, no more books, no more students’ dirty looks….

Yippee…. school is out, and the teacher work week is wrapped up. Yes, I have about 5 binders in my car that I brought home to work with over the summer – we shall see if I end up being a disciplined good girl where that is concerned.

There is so much else to distract me!

First, I ended on Friday, and we packed up and headed out to camp at Badin Lake on Saturday early am. {This was after wrapping up the baseball tournament Friday night – we came in second place, which was an excellent finish for our team. They really battled all week, and played well. Every single night the middle son pitched 2 innings – quite the accomplishment!} We took Dad camping for Father’s Day, along with Uncle Bob – so it was me and 5 guys. MUCHO fun was had by all – boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, grilling. Unfortunately, I caught the stomach bug that had been making the rounds of the family. Uggghhh… but not impossible. I did manage several hours of reading summer novels while sitting in the kayak rocked by the waves. SOOO peaceful, and I was able to watch the great blue herons doing their fishing.

I survived the campout, but barely. Monday we returned, in time for the middle son to begin a week of play on the World Series Team. And to hit the bed. The level of fatigue with this virus has been astonishing. Slowly the week has unfolded with unpacking and house cleaning and laundry.

And doctor visits. One other thing the summer opens up is time. And I needed to address some growing concerns, one being a large mass in my abdomen, which I suspected to be a return of my friend Fergus the fibroid. Fergus grew extremely large with my last pregnancy, causing the need for a c-section to allow the safe exit of my youngest son. It was photographed in all its ginormous splendor at the time, but then stitched back in where it gradually shrunk, no longer feasting on pregnancy hormones. But apparently, it is back. So off to see the doc last week, US this week- went well, and it does indeed seem to be a fibroid, and not something more horridly scary – although I do not have that officially yet. But the US tech and radiology doc seemed to be leaning that way. Then this am I went in for fasting bloodwork – thyroid screen and so forth, for a general physical – all of which will be discussed next week when we decide how to proceed with this large mass. Hysterectomy seems a real possibility – and I am not sure how I feel about it, other than it better happen sooner rather than later if I am to be fighting fit for the new term.

I have also been to the dentist already, and taken middle son in to see about his eye – seems he has conjuctivitis.

Summer break has only been 4 days long so far….whew.

But, we are eating fresh raspberries from the bushes, have harvested 8 lbs of potatoes this am, made pesto, have several large bags of garlic and onions harvested and drying, and there is quite a promising tomato crop, now well protected from some marauder (ground hog, rabbit, deer, all of the above) by a wonderful fence the boys built last week while I was still working.

And of course, my wonderful bike, calling my name to the open road. On the campout, everyone else rode it and enjoyed it and I was afraid I might not get it back!


2 thoughts on “No more classes, no more books, no more students’ dirty looks….

  1. Gosh you have been busy. I have had 3 weeks off and barely managed a 2 day trip to my grandmother’s. I hope all of your health issues resolve themselves the way you must be hoping. A.x

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