The best laid plans….

Most of my life is very low tech – but I do rely a lot on email and internet.But we are in the throes  of summer heat, and afternoon and evening thunderstorms, and lightening has interferred with my way of life.

The man about the place has an office above our barn, and has the home computer networked and wireless connection in the house with router boxes and who knows what all. Most of the time it works beautifully. But this weekend, the day after he left for boy scout camp with the eldest, a thunderstorm killed the part that gets internet to the house. Grrr…

I had so many plans involving the internet.I had banking to catch up on. Bummer. I had plans to make rice crispie treats with the youngest – I always just get the recipe off the internet. Fortunately, the box gave us an ingredient list, and I could recreate the rest. I wanted to post pictures and update the family website. I had a few friends expecting emails from me and was looking forward to quiet evenings catching up. And I am painting the hallway in our home, a lovely lilac color by the way – and planned to enjoy listening to BBC 7 while I worked. Big Bummer…

I do have access to the barn computer, where I am now, but so much of what I do online is bookmarked, that finding my normal places has been hard. And then there is remembering the passwords. That too has been tough.

So I am painting away, getting middle son to baseball camp and practice ech day, entertaining small son,  reading stories, and trying not to mind too much my internetlessness. The campers won’t return until Saturday – and just you watch- either the man about the place will fix the darn thing just by being back in the house, or it will be really broken and I willbe internetless a while longer.

I did have my doctor follow up appt today. Healthwise, all my bloodwork is excellent with regards to thyroid, iron, cholesterol, blood sugar. But the fibroid is being referred to the big guys and they are most likely going to want it out. Yuck.

See you soon.


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