One Local Summer…

img_0429.jpgimg_0426.jpgI wish I were more organized to actually join in things like this. I guess I could be, but that would mean time away from the kiddos. So I tend to read about things – like stash busting and Olympic knitting, and I join in at home, even though I don’t sign up. And that is the case with One Local Summer.

I read about this last summer, and thought about all the years we grew most of our food. We have blueberries and blackberries all summer… eggs from our chickens. Some years there were 100 tomato plants, that with our onions, basil, garlic, were bundled into our large freezer as spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce. We grew our own food for several reasons:

  • It was what I was taught – grandparents and parents gardened. It was the way to get the best tasting tomatoes. It was the best way to get fresh food.
  • It allowed me to contribute organic food, which is priced for the elite where I live, to my family’s nourishment. It helped us have that luxury and stay within our single income.
  • It kept us in touch with the rhythms of the earth, which in turn adds to spiritual growth, in my opinion.

When I returned to work full time, the garden shrank, and I found I needed to rely less on my own food, and more on supermarket fair. But the point of One Local Summer is really about doing what you can do… even if you cannot do it all.

We live down the road from Coon Rock Farm although we only just discovered they were there. The perfect place to supplement what we have managed to grow ourselves.

And what’s more, besides being organic and biodynamic, the boys and I can bike down there to pick up our produce. Which we did yesterday. It was a bit warmish by the time we got home…and it was an hour round trip, although some of that time waiting for our produce to be picked and bagged, but we bought lovely fresh produce that will nourish us for our own version of One Local Summer…



One thought on “One Local Summer…

  1. I like your writing…. You looked back at special things in your life with the special people in your life… And now you are making new memories for yourself and for the special people in your life. These are the basics of life that make us all better people. Thank you….

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