2 weeks to go….

I alternate between panic and not believing this will happen. Guess that is normal.

List making continues:

  1. Eye appt
  2. Get new lenses for glasses
  3. Order new contact lenses
  4. Continue freezing main courses Yesterday made one lasagna with cheese and small one without; Made Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti casserole – one for freezer, one for dinner, and some small ones without cheese for dairy free son. This was very good and easy to make – everyone was pleased with it.
  5. Update some things at the orthodontist’s office for billing this fall
  6. Dermatology appt
  7. Call in prescription refills
  8. Pick up prescriptions
  9. Investigate favorite substitute to see if he can take my class the first few weeks
  10. Inform boss that favorite sub cannot take my class – bummer
  11. Arrange time to get into school next week to work on class room set up
  12. Kids to library for weekly nature program
  13. Friends over for playdate long promised to boys
  14. Sort through shoes on front porch – store shoes boys have outgrown but not destroyed; throw out outgrown/wornout shoes
  15. Find some time to breathe… this will be okay.

One thought on “2 weeks to go….

  1. I found my way here via your comment in another blog (Luckybeans). Peeking around a bit, I see you have an upcoming surgery, and I wanted to wish you well with it. Your (shrinking) to-do lists are inspiring–such planning and organization!

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