It has not been all doom and gloom here….

There is after all, the list to deal with.

  • Get classroom set up
  • Leave sub instructions
  • Xerox materials for first week of school
  • Inventory text books
  • Get son to baseball practice
  • Read new book to smallest son
  • Help middle son battle the tummy bug
  • Come home and find well pump has gone….wait for the man about the place to get a break in his work so he can fix the well pump, take kids with you to work so he can get work done so he can get well pump fixed… cart son to ball practice so well pump mending can go on….

I think most Americans have city supplied water…. I grew up with that, although the grandparents had a farm with a well… but it never occurred to me I would ever live a fairly modern life, and have a well. A well we have. And about every three years, we wake to find we have no water.

The man about the place is quite handy, and in the past has always been able to diagnose and fix the trouble without buying another well pump (300+ dollars) It always means what seems like miles of pipe pulled out, and once fixed, the flushing of the lines with bleach. This requires opening all the faucets in the house and running them for what seems like forever, and is certainly a hugely painful loss of water, especially in this drought. But a necessity, since the soil bacteria can easily get into the well with it all open and exposed.

But this time, it was the pump itself. Who knows how old it is. We have been here 11 years with it. Fortunately, FIL had a ‘spare’ pump.. so currently I am biding my time, with a sink full of dishes and a son to pick up from ball practice while the oldest and his dad and granddad are bonding over well work.

But even with all the chaos and work and turmoil of both emotions and just life…. there has been creativity.

See the slide show below… Last summer I started knitting the Aguave sweater using Cora Handwork Cotton from Elann. The yarn is a bit splitty, and may be thicker than should have been for the project, but the result is a nice soft sweater… and quite a bit of yarn left over! Enough to make a Lilian Tank, which I found on the blog Delicious Stitches. This was a fast and easy knit, and is so comfy – although I don’t quite have the youngish figure of the creator of the tank… but I will enjoy wearing it around my house while I am hotflashing/recovering. (They are supposed to leave the ovaries, but you never know…) So, the first pictures are of the Lilian Tank and a closeup of the lace. The next one is the long sleeved Aguave sweater. A new slip for me, with a drawstring waist, so important after this surgery, and finally, some nine patch squares for an Irish Chain quilt I am making.

[rockyou id=79005930&w=426&h=320]


One thought on “It has not been all doom and gloom here….

  1. The tank and the sweater are gorgeous. I think they are the same colour as Kate’s birthday cardigan. You have done some beautiful work there. The quilt will be lovely, where are you going to use it. No water, what a pain. When our pipes froze earlier in the winter and we had no water until nearly lunchtime I thought I would die without a cup of coffee and a glass of water.

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