One day left….

Update  – *8:30 am is the time*

The waiting has been evil…. the thoughts that go through your head during this time. I think I am finally to the point where the stress of it all makes me want it to be done and over.. no more worrying, lets just get on with it.

So there is the inevitable list.. will be running around trying to check off as much as possible, but will spare you the details this time. Including the ickiest part that needs to start at 5 pm and can be summed up in 2 words: bowel prep. Ick. Seriously, this part has me being cowardly as well.

So off to shower and start my busy day. Surgery some time Wed and home sometime Friday if all goes as planned.

Here are my prayers for the next few days:

  • That I survive this
  • That there are no nasty surprises – cancer, hemorrhaging, etc.
  • That my family survives this, and me and my emotions
  • That I come out the other side a stronger woman and heal quickly.

See you on the other side….


4 thoughts on “One day left….

  1. Robin…I’ve been slack catching up with you but wanted to let you know I’ve been keeping up with your blog. Sending all my love and prayers from New Zealand!

  2. I guess you have already come out of surgery, but I just now read about it. So my prayers will be that you have a very quick and easy recovery! I have a friend who recently had a hysterectomy, to hopefully get rid of her migraines, and she did great with it. I wish you the same experience. It looks like you prepared very well with the food and everything, so you can just rest up now!

  3. Robin…what a great blog! Just wandered in here to wish you “healthy woman on the mend” vibes. Know that you are often in my thoughts…Ellen

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