Recovery is going well for the most part….

Am doing next to nothing… eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping.. really not even that much eating. Have been able to read some, watch some TV which is a novelty, and even done some knitting. The narcotics really take away the pain, but also make me feel so out of it and heart racy.. so yesterday I made it 24 hours without,and ended up melting down on the poor man about the place.

He is doing well though.. he got middle son through a baseball tournament, and then to the doc this morning because it seems the middle son bruised his hip with a diving catch. Nothing like 2 invalids in the house. The oldest son has been left to baby sit me most of the time these past few days, and walkie talkie communication has helped that be bearable… he can go fish at the pond when I nap and I can call him when I need a fresh glass of water.

Today though, using the narcotic again.. I need to recover well.. and follow directions.. and being not in big pain makes it easier.

I do think this has been easier than my c-section.. but there were so many extenuating circumstances there.

Anyway, my 15 min of being up are now over to rest. Thanks for the kinds wishes and prayers.. they are working nicely!

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