Recovery is continuing…

And so far, so good, knock on wood, and praying for thanks.

Off the narcotics these past few days. Moving around more. Celebrated son number 1’s 14th birthday successfully. Tomorrow will be son #2’s 11th birthday, so today we prep for that. The boys are helping clean house. Afterall, a walk to our mailbox, which is a good way down and then back up hill, knackered me completely yesterday. Of course, it was 100 F yesterday.. but a cool front has moved through and I think today will only be 92, LOL.

Thinking of my parents in Texas and hoping they survived the flooding from Erin, and hope Hurricane Dean will miss them.. We are suffering from drought were I live, and my poor parents are suffering from a summer of too much rain, and now 2 storms on top of each other…adding more rain and worry.

Have done some knitting… off to command my troops..will hopefully have pictures soon.


2 thoughts on “Recovery is continuing…

  1. Glad you are slowly getting better. After having 3 C-sections I have some idea of how you feel, physically anyway. I had forgotten that your family share birthdays with mine, me on 14th and my mum today, the 19th. Hope they have/had happy days. Keep safe and rest plenty.
    love Jenny

  2. I was out of town for a couple weeks and away from the Internet, so I’m just now catching up on happenings in the blogosphere. I’m glad to hear that the surgery went well and that you have your family to help you through the recovery. Good luck with it, and take good care of yourself.

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