Ahh… putting my feet up and taking stock.

First day back at school went like this:

I made it through 3 ninety minute classes (I have 89 students….YUCK!) and survived, and got lots of welcome backs from staff and students. You know the sub was bad (bad in the sense he did not know any geometry to teach – heck, how many of you remember your geometry? Otherwise, he is a quite capable sub and has kept things very nicely while I was gone) when a 10th grade boy comes up to you and says “OH, Thank God you are back. I even said to my mom I couldn’t wait for you to get back and I have never said that about a teacher before.” We’ll see how long the love lasts.

Then I drove to the doc. I am technically only 5 weeks tomorrow, but he wanted to see me when I went back part time. It was an INTERNAL Exam people…and it did not hurt – I never would have thought it would be painless. Turns out, most of the pain I am feeling is more the muscle/skin area..not so much deep inside. He was quite pleased – all looks well, and so I am released – no need to go back. I can resume riding my bike as I feel up to it…

Then, this is when I should have quit. The long drive to the doc and back was tiring enough, after teaching all day. But then I went to my oldest sons first cross country track meet. Parked in the wrong spot, and had to walk forever to cheer him on, and it was HOT(93 I think)!!Enough with summer already – where is the cool and the rain!

Then we all bundled back home, where dh fixed us all a quick dinner and took the older 2 to scouts and I lay on the sofa in a stupor.

But I still feel good!

When the doctor shook my hand to say goodbye, and I said Thanks to him for all he had done, he said “Go out there and live a wonderful life.”

And I feel like that is what I can do. It may not be the life I dreamed or planned – but wonderful it can and will be. Watching my kids continue to grow (man, my oldest son has arm and leg muscles!) and greeting my students everyday, and loving the man who makes me sit on the sofa to rest, I can absolutely do and enjoy.

By the way – the doc gave me the stats: 1600gm uterus removed, and 15 cm wide at its widest. And, by office stats, it wasn’t even one of their biggest ones.

DAY 2 back at work: Much the same. I am very grateful that my sub is still in the room with me – such a nice consideration by the school. He hands out papers and collects them and helps me learn their names, etc. And today, he brought me an orange juice after lunch, cause he figured I could use more vitamin C. He is really kind and considerate.

But then I have been amazed at the school’s support – everyone is very reassuring and wanting me to take it easy. Teaching is not a job that lends itself to that though. There is always one more parent you could contact, one more student you could tutor, one more assignment you could tweak and improve, and the grading…. have I mentioned I have 89 students this fall!!!

But I feel alive in my heart – energized in my soul. It feels good.


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