Anyone know what this is?


83 of the 100 counties in our state are in Severe or Extreme drought. They figure we need 15 inches of rain by Thanksgiving for drought conditions to ease. Farmers are selling off cattle because there was no hay crop this summer to feed them through the winter. Boat ramps are closed all over the state. Our own pond is little over 1/2 full….

But at this time of year, we have to be careful when we pray for rain. Last night, we got dumped on with the first rain we have had in over a month. Places got 2-3 inches in a short amount of time. Tornadoes were spawned in many areas, although not near here, thankfully. Because the ground is so hard, it could not absorb the rain very quickly, which causes flash flooding. Our own yard was quickly a swamp.

Grateful we are for the rain… and we will continue to pray for more. The temps have also begun to fall, finally! But our last few droughts were knocked out by Hurricanes.. tropical systems would bring the rain we needed, but pain and heartache as well. We really just need to pray for lots of gently rainy days – although at this point, beggars really cannot be choosers….

Rain, rain come and play, and stay again another day…

One thought on “Anyone know what this is?

  1. Gosh yes, rain is to be respected, so many people over here have been affected by flooding this year, so destructive.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my finished Hourglass Sweater, I really enjoyed knitting it, so much fun to learn new techniques sometimes.

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