Whether or not the weather indicates it, it is autumn. Finally, things are looking a bit more autumnal: notice the change in the leaves. (We are on track for the warmest October ever! But we did have 2 days of wonderful rains…we hope more shows up!)
Autumn leaves

And then there are late roses, which are a bit less autumnal, but truly a pleasure:

Roses..warmed by the chimney

They grow against an old rock chimney, and I think the warm sun on the rock make it a warm enough spot for the roses to grow well into November.

The rest of our autumn is being manufactured, by dressing the house for the season.img_0671.jpg


The chestnuts finally fell… they make such sweet gnomes. And Mother Earth came out and shoooed away all the seashells and driftwood, and began to gather provisions for the winter ahead.img_0692.jpg

There are acorns at our feet finally… falling on our heads as we unload groceries. And encouraging the deer and the squirrels to visit the yard.


And here is Chanticleer – strutting his stuff… enjoying the autumn wind. He is a new to us bantam rooster..from a neighbor. He came with 3 other ladies..making our henflock 11 big. Of course, 4 of them are old ladies and rarely lay, and the new three are middle aged, and only give us an egg every other day… and the other 4 are young enough to be laying irregularly still.


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