Autumn is finally here….

We had our first frost. Fires are needed to keep the home warm through the night. So this means more dusting, getting the boys to fill the woodbox, cleaning out the ashes. The dogs also sleep in the house when it is cool at night.. so more vacuuming, and more chaos.

But this weekend it did not matter because we had an extra hour of sleep. Amazing what 1 hour’s promise can hold. How to spend it? I spent mine sleeping in, making 3 meals ahead for the week (2 stews and a corned beef brisket) getting ahead on the ironing, enjoying my favorite BBC shows and knitting…

Clearly one hour did not accomplish all of that. But as I watched my favorite BBC shows and knitted on Sat evening, I felt smug in the fact that when I went to bed at 11 it was really like going to bed at 10… relieving the guilt of being up too late. I slept more relaxed since I knew if I slept til 8, it was really 7… and I had a jump start to the day. And so the reasoning goes…

Attic has been ransacked for the fall/winter clothes, and flannel sheets. Summer things have been put away. The month ahead is punctuated with Veteran’s day holiday, and then Thanksgiving, which always boosts my spirits. And yesterday I managed to make about 8 dozen cookies in between laundry rounds.. all for the freezer and holidays ahead. Feels good to be prepared.

Here are the finished mitts for the brother in law. Ready for the holidays.



I definitely need to make more of these… warm and toasty without binding up my fingers. Just what I need in this drafty house.


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