November has all but disappeared…

or at least that is how it feels.

I leave for work in the early morning light, and return home to a glorious sun set. And then the dark makes me feel sleepy. There are more evening chores for us all… wood to bring in, dogs to bring in, chickens to secure against cold. Weekends have meant more wood chopping and other end of season chores. Getting out the winter clothes from the attic, putting away the Halloween decorations, flannels sheets and down comforters cleaned and put on the beds, and a new heater for the bathroom… with a timer function to preheat the bath for my first of the morning shower. By the time I am out of the shower the fire has been rekindled and it is warm and pleasant in the house.

Interesting weather pattern though. We are on track for the coldest November, although the three prior months were the hottest on record. The local meteorologists say that the last time this happened, we then warmed up in December and had a very warm January. We had been hoping for snow this winter, but it looks like that is a dashed hope. And rain…. we could use the rain. February is the time they are predicting for rainfall to return. That is very far away.

But we are prepping for the Thanksgiving holiday. Two days of school this week before a blessed break. Pies to bake and family and friends to enjoy. We are all excited. Until then, the biggest three boys are off in the mountains enjoying a campout.. the youngest and I are cozied at home.

Here is something I made today: Korknisse, from a pattern translated on Saartje’s blog, one I really enjoy. They are quick and easy, and have delighted the youngest one a great deal. He decorated them with snowflakes that came from a treat bag he received at a friend’s birthday party today.img_0778.jpg

And then here is a wonderful doll my oldest son made in his last year’s handwork class. All seventh graders make a doll to reflect a country or people of interest to them. My son chose an American Indian, partly for his own interest, and partly because my husband and therefore my sons are a smidge Cherokee. It turned out very well, and then was displayed at the end of year assembly. It then spent the summer being buffeted around the back of a friend’s car when my son forgot it there.. and has only recently returned, a bit bedraggled, but still wonderful. It is in pride of place on the “trophy” table, which will soon give way to holiday decorations.


And finally, it is such a small world in many ways. Or at least it has become so. I am always amazed to see things on blogs from around the world that look so similar or are in fact identical to things in my own home. True, I am also amazed at how lovely and different things can look…but recently I saw on Little Jenny Wren’s blog an apron that I had made myself as well. Here she is, on the other side of the world, having made and loved the same apron I have.

Mine is reversible, and so I show both sides of the apron. The fabrics were from my grandmother’s stash. When she moved from her home of 25 years to a small cottage, she gave me many lovely leftovers. I have no idea what these were originally for, but she often sewed for me and my sister, so they may have been meant as dresses or blouses. She also did many other crafts, so who knows. But now they serve me as an apron. I love to wear it because I think of her, but also because it is soo very long, and covers so much of the area prone to splashing and spillage. A very practical apron.


Well, I have enjoyed a quiet evening to myself, knitting on my rosebud sleeve and watching old British comedies. But it is time to turn in. Tomorrow the campers will return, along with their dirty clothes and gear, so I better be prepared.


One thought on “November has all but disappeared…

  1. Your apron is beautiful, I love both fabrics. Your son’s doll is terrific. Kate wants an American Indian doll so I will show yours. I saw some of those little cork people on Suse’s blog last year, they are very cute.
    We are also desperate for rain. Our grass is all turning brown and I can feel the garden drying out each time I go outside. Someone must be getting the rain but not you or me.

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