Dec. 1st * Advent: Expect, await, prepare…..


December is here.. as is the most wonderful time of the year. A time of expectation, of preparation, of rejoicing. A time of Light triumphing over Darkness. And here at our home, we have begun getting ready.


Signs of the season are springing up all around the house. Here, some narcissi bulbs are sprouting.. ready to infuse our home with their beautiful scent in a few weeks.


Berry stitch scarf for the BIL… 

Secret projects are under way. Hopefully to be finished in time!



All hands are busy.. and some are kept busy with beeswax, modeling small foxes from classroom stories. We have foxes around our house.. and this one has the cutest white tip on his tail. 7 year old hands need to be busy at this time of year.

3 thoughts on “Dec. 1st * Advent: Expect, await, prepare…..

  1. We’re hunting high & low for beeswax modelling clay for I5 but the Waldorf philosophy is not very common in NZ. I love the colours in BIL’s scarf.

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