Dec. 11th * Christmas reading….

Tuesday evenings are both chaotic and quiet. I rush home from work, fix dinner fast, and then the older 2 boys leave with dad for Boy scouts. The youngest and I have a peaceful evening together until bedtime at 7:30.

We usually finish off with a snuggle and some favorite books. And during the Advent season, this means a special treasury is brought out of the attic: the Christmas book stash.


We keep all of the holiday books in one box, put away except for December. This makes them more magical, and fun to pull out. Some of the books are from my Dad’s childhood, and some are from mine, and some are new for my children.


Some are old classics that everyone has read, and some I know will be the classics my children read to theirs. 

img_0895.jpg                                        img_0892.jpg

Of the more modern stories, I love Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear. Of the older books, Babar and Father Christmas is fun, and any Elsa Beskow book is a gift for the eyes. We must have about 6 versions of The Night Before Christmas, and we might read several in one reading…. it is the pictures in each version that appeal, and the wonderful lilting poem, so easy to memorize. There are religious books and more secular.. but no matter which book we read, we are guaranteed a special, quiet moment.


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