Dec. 18th and 19th *To be called by God….

I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be “called” – but tonight, we attended the ordination of a wonderful woman in our parish. She is a grandmother, who got the call, and tonight was ordained after classes and studying and interning and all the many things one must do to become a priest.

The service was amazing.. my oldest sang in the choir, and it felt good to sit in the pew and know that tomorrow, there is no 6 am wake – up call. That there won’t be one for a couple of weeks. That I could simply exist in the present, and feel the Presence around me.

We walked out of the service feeling blessed to have witnessed something so special.

And so ends three very hectic days. It has been a marathon of giving tests and tutoring and grading papers and planning lessons all so I could leave school with nothing to worry about over break. It feels good! But it has meant late nights and being disciplined.. no blogging. But that is part of the season – preparing, getting ready.

And I am ready.

Well, at least in spirit! There are still things to be done. Including a first mammogram and a dental appt, both tomorrow. Because one thing a teacher has trouble doing, is getting time off to care for those sorts of things.

It will feel good to be free… to knit as I sit in the waiting rooms, and to come home and relax.

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