Dec. 24* Fall, on your knees, and hear the angel voices…..

Christmas Eve is finally here. We have been in a flurry- a happy mix of anticipation, preparation, and family visiting. I made French toast from Challah this morning. Followed by making 2 loaves of garlic bread and fixing a large tray of cookies for the feast we are getting ready to attend. We have been tracking Santa on Norad and talking about the various parts of the world. A peppermint Twist Cheesecake has been made for tomorrow’s big meal. And in a moment we will walk to the inlaws and feast with 22 other family members. Followed by church at 3 and 9, with a different son singing in each service.

For the kids, the entire day is one of tenterhooks.. they are clearly thinking about the gifts and the fun, even though we have tried hard to keep the religious focus of the season. But if we are honest, as adults we are just as excited.. for them and for us… and I am glad we have the services this evening to help steer the focus back a bit.

It will be in the candle lit church that I will think again of Mary. I will wonder if she really had any idea of the gift she brought forth to the world… because regardless of whether you believe in the Christ of Faith, the Jesus of History was a remarkable prophet and preacher of peace. And regardless of whether you believe the virgin birth story, a son she did bear and then later watched him die a horrible death. I think of mothers across the world who have held tiny sons and daughters and sent them to fight for whatever their beliefs were… and how much the sadness must hurt when those children are lost.

I will think of the poor shepherds in the fields, and how amazing that angel chorus must have been.

And I will be grateful for my own life – my sons and husband, and our health and our home… and I will feel washed with emotion.

Wishing you all that moment in time when you too feel you could fall on your knees, in joy, in awe, in thanksgiving… that something moves you – makes you feel happy to be alive.

O Holy Night, when Christ was born…

Merry Christmas from The Flock here at WillowCroft.


Oh, Holy Night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear savior’s birth
Long lay the world
In sin and error pining
Till he appeared
And the soul felt it´s worth

A thrill of hope
A weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks
A new and glorious morn

Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angel´s voices
Oh night divine
Oh night when Christ was born
Oh night divine
Oh night
Oh night divine


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