There is a superstition in the south, that if you hear thunder and see lightning, then within 10 days you will have snow. We always mark down these occurrences on the calendar, to see if they are true.. and more often than not, it is true. We had one lightning strike and one thunder clap as I left for school a week ago Friday. So we are on Day 8 since this happened. We had a brush with snowy possibility on Thursday, when they delayed school 2 hours because sleet/freezing rain was expected during drive time. But it was all for nothing. Absolutely nothing. Very disappointing.

So when the weather report on Friday began to talk of snow again, we decided to encourage it.

Someone told the younger boys that if they slept with the pjs inside out and a spoon under their pillows, snow would fall.


So bedtime preparations were carefully made….

I also have observed over the years, that if we put out King Winter (See an old post about him here), snow almost always soon follows. So we dusted off the old radio, and set him up, clearing off the Nativity Scene and finally closing the Holiday cleanup chapter.

Then we waited, and watched. First, snow was to begin at 8 am. Then they began to say rain in the am, snow at noon. Then they talked of it going to the east rather than here. We have been on tenterhooks all day. We made trips to the grocery store where all the bread and milk was gone. (Is that all people eat in the snow? We got clams for chowder and made sure our store of cocoa and popcorn kernals was adequate.)

We made a new loaf of bread in the bread maker, and began the wash. We trekked to the library to stock up on new books. And we waited. Lunch came and went, and it was 40F. We figured we had been left out again.

We were wrong. Around 1 it began to snow, and has been steady ever since. The temp fell and it began to stick. And now we have sledded and taken photos and thrown snowballs, and still it snows.





We are so happy. We hope it continues all day and evening, because the cold tonight should hold it, and tomorrow should be cold as well… what a way to spend a holiday weekend!


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