The Best Kind of Snow…

This has really been the best kind of snow. First, it fell during the day – there is nothing more lovely than playing in my home office and watching the flakes fall and swirl. And hearing the snow! I grew up in Texas, where we rarely saw snow of any sort, and I never knew the beauty of the sound of snow.


Secondly, the snow fell on the weekend, when there was no school being canceled (and therefore, needing to be made up) and the roadways were fairly clear and most people were home to enjoy it. Snug and safe.


Thirdly, the snow stuck and left behind enough for snowballing and sledding and crunching through on trips to the laundry shed. Overnight, the temps fell to the 20’s, so the snow was as lovely this morning as when the boys finally came in last night.


And finally, the snow should be out of here before the work week starts Tuesday. SO there will be no fears about the commute, and the huge abundance of wet mittens and rain pants everywhere will have been tidied. The snow will be gone before we are tired of it!



King Winter did his job!


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